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From Established in 1992 until now, FD Automation in line with taking the company’s unique resources as foundation, taking market demand as guidance, taking the existing stock as premise, in technical service, product supply and demand and market development aspects and so on has carried out the broad cooperation with each partner and obtained business's consistent high praise of each place of the world.

The company have been equipped with dozens of subsidiary company and office already in various provinces and cities in each of South China, East China, North China, central-south, northwest and southwest, has formed good technical service and sale network, has provided zero distance service for the user. In the several year’s developing process, FD Automation has established long-term stable technical and commercial cooperation partner relation with world famous industrial control product manufacturers. The company signed co-operation throughout China, Japan France, Germany, America, Britain, Italy and Denmark, South Korean, Sweden, China Taiwan and so on hundred countries and regions.

Respect your excellency, do you intend to carry out the commercial cooperation with the FD person? FD Automation this has more than 2000 young people's outstanding team honestly invites your communal development, please download the following material table and submit it to us according to the electronic mail address after filling out it or through fax, we will contact and negotiate with you promptly.


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